DFT Black Label product packaging
THRIVE Plus DFT Black Label

With its absorption and bioavailability, DFT Black Label, the premium lifestyle DFT 2.0, is an evolutionary step forward in Derma Fusion Technology. DFT Black Label's unique formula not only takes Derma Fusion Technology to the next level, it takes the entire THRIVE 8-Week Experience to the next level. DFT White Label delivers the same formula as DFT Black Label, with a different look.

When DFT Black Label, or DFT White Label, is combined with the THRIVE 8-Week Experience’s Lifestyle Capsules and Lifestyle Mix, you can anticipate superior results, including mood support, energy, promoted physical fitness, weight management, mental acuity, and circulation support.

Add DFT Black Label, or DFT White Label, to your THRIVE Experience and combine with a balanced diet, proper water intake and regular exercise for premium results.

THRIVE Plus DFT Black Label

Weight Management

Mood Support

Promotes Physical Fitness

2.0 Delivery Technology

Nutritional Support